Miroslav Ristić

An ambition driven by an idea.


My work

These are my very first web sites. It was very tough task to make something that nobody have not made before. SEO optimized. Social Network Conected. To make these I used (for now) HTML, CSS and JavaScript. All of these will be “put through“ the OOP in very near future. Courses still on the way – MySQL , Java Script and PHP. All future projects will be more complexed and improved, to satisfied the client final need. At the end, I am making your websites. I help your business growth. I am expecting your call.


My first contact with web. My first web love. My very very first web site. Hope you going to like it. And use it.


This is my first job that I made money for. It was my next step forward. Don't ask me, how much money I got...


Ok, this time is realy serious.I force people to learn german on the most easiest way in the world.You wanna try?


Education & Experience

Faculty of organizational science – Master Degree in Finance. IT Academy - Web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL) "Belgrade Open School" - Young leader of SE Europe. English. Deutch lerner. MS Office. Business experience. Business supporter. Business plan. Finance. Sales. Marketing. SEO optimization, Social Networking.

About me

A workaholic. Patient. Everyday philantropist. Always ready to listen. The second and third chance provider. Fair player. A goal oriented. Always ready to negotiate. An ambitious. A runner. A winner. A competitor. Higly educated. Deadlines respect. Disciplined. Self driven. Steady. A reader, after all.

Give me a call

If you want to improve your business I am right person for you. If you are not online, man, you do not exist. If you don't have a web site, it is same like you dont have a personal id. If you dont have a proper content in your page, it looks like you have a wrong name in your passport. Just cannot get through the border. Ooh that "if"? Einstein was starting every question with "if". So that is why you need me. To resolve, if...

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143, Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard, Belgrade, Serbia

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